What is a domain name and hosting and why do I need them?

If we look at this like a house, with the house being the website, then a domain name is the address that points to your website. For instance, burstonline.com.au is the domain name of this website. Domain names need to be renewed each year to keep them active.

Hosting would be the block of land where the house sits; it’s where the website and all the files are stored. Hosting also needs to be renewed each year.

An SSL Certificate can be added through hosting to make a website more secure. What this does is change the http at the start of the domain name to https (i.e. https://burstonline.com.au), meaning that all traffic to and from the site is encrypted. You may notice in the address bar at the top of this website a padlock.Sites with a padlock have an SSL Certificate installed. SSL Certificates are good for websites that are collecting sensitive data like credit card details. It is also just an extra step in website security and Google favours these websites over ones that don’t have and SSL Certificate.

We have two different options for hosting:

Standard Hosting

(included in the Landing Page Website and Device Responsive Website package)
$149 + GST per year

  • Great for smaller websites
  • Loading speed is a bit slower than premium hosting
  • SSL Certificate added at extra cost
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Premium Hosting

(included in the Custom Device Responsive Website package and Online Shop)
$199 + GST per year

  • Great for larger websites and online shops that have a lot of traffic
  • Loading speed is faster than Standard Hosting
  • SSL Certificate included
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