A study was made that stated that there is an attack every 39 seconds on average on the web. This alone should make it obvious that security for your website is an absolute must.

There are many areas of website security, this time we’re talking about security plugins.

There are 2 main plugins that we install on all the websites that we build, which offer a range of ways to make the website secure.

The first one is Wordfence, a security plugin that has over 3 million active installs. Wordfence offers firewall and website scanning which helps to detect problems should they arise, but more importantly block potential threats before they occur.

The second plugin we like to use is iThemes Security. There are some similarities between iThemes Security and Wordfence, but does offer some additional options. Our favourite option here is the ability to change the address of the WordPress login page.

By default the WordPress login page is set to wp-admin (i.e burstonline.com.au/wp-admin) but with iThemes Security we have the ability to change that, which takes out the first and easiest step for a hacker. They can’t attempt to log in if they can’t get to the login page in the first place 😎

If you have any questions but how we implement security on your website, just let us know!