Once we have finished building your website and it’s live to the public, you might be mistaken in thinking that apart from some future content updates, we can leave the site untouched.

This however is not the case. WordPress and the various plugins that are used to build the website need to constantly be updated to make sure the site is as secure as possible. Plugin makers and WordPress often bring out regular updates to improve on functionality, performance and security.

Hackers are constantly adapting the ways that they can break into a site, which means plugin makers and WordPress itself have to stay ahead of the game to prevent unforeseen attacks from occurring.

This is why at Burst we are never really done with your website. We are always checking back to make sure everything is up to date and nothing gets left behind.

How stage 4 restrictions will impact Burst Graphics
Design & Administrative staff will be processing jobs remotely during normal working hours. Staff are contactable on (9039 5566) or email. Print & Production staff are able to process jobs under our covid-safe plan. Our premises will be closed to the general public. Restrictions are in effect from Thursday 6th August to Wednesday 17th September. Stay safe!