Have you ever been to a website and seen a warning next to the address bar saying that the site is ‘Not Secure’? This is because that site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate installed.

An SSL (secure sockets layer) Certificate creates a secure connection between the user’s browser and the server of the website. By default a connection is not secure and may be tampered with to intercept sensitive information that users submit through the website, such as credit card details. So it makes sense that you’d want your users information to be secure, especially for websites like Online Shops.

There a few signs that tell us a website has an SSL Certificate installed. Next to the address bar of the browser, you’ll see a little padlock rather than a ‘Not Secure’ warning. If you inspect the URL you can also see that ‘http://’ is actually ‘https://’.

It is also believed that SSL Certificates may help in Google Search Rankings, as Google will prefer a secure site over a ‘Not Secure’ site.

SSL Certificates come at an additional cost, so ask us about implementing one next time you are getting a website built or updated.