A ‘landing’ page is a standalone page used for marketing or advertising purposes which conveys a specific message for the user. So we can’t compare a landing page versus 4 pages that are displaying different information.

However, if we are talking in terms of a single page website vs a multi page website, there pros and cons to having a fantastic single page website versus an average multiple page website.

A single page website is great for ease of use. Users are performing one action, scrolling, without having to click around and wait to find the information they want. Having clear sections on the page for content means you can structure content in a logical flow for the user.

The downside of a one page website is the lack of SEO. A single page website tries to hand over too much conflicting information for one page, and having a focus keyword becomes redundant. Seacrh engines like quality, specified info per page to display in search results, so in this case a multi page website shines.

It’s really up to the needs of your business and whether bringing in new customers is the goal.